Dear Lady Bird,

I am deeply touched by your courage to go step by step on “the frozen land” in Poland… when people finish water classes, they are usually in the flow for some time; But you did so much more for us – your lightness, your way to honor our space, your delicate touching words enlivened deepest questions in us, and I am still working with myself. And I hope it will last for a long time…

The wise leader is like water: fluid and responsive, water follows the law freely, water refreshes without judgment. So are You:)

You stayed with us like a friend. You were creating things like Mother Nature does: relax what is tense, fill what is empty, reduce what is overflowing. You were serving us and you were so generous! You know what the abundance is. You are selfless, that’s why you help others realize themselves.

You did not fight the force of the group’s energy, but you absorbed it, flowed with it and let it go. If you were not like the water you would break; the ability to be so soft makes you so strong and therefore I found an amazing paradox in you:) what is soft is strong

I will always stand by you. If you will go to another “cold” country I can be your warm gloves and sing with you.