Dear Arjana, All the current changes in my life would not have happened without the work you have been suggesting with “Sankalpa”. It is a direct result, and is important that you know how crucial and vital your presence is, Arjana, in my life and in other...

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My beautiful beloved teacher, I hope you know and feel how much you are loved and wanted and important. You brought us all not only the amazing gift of WATA but also the reminder of compassion and self-love. Wish you nothing but the best for your heart and...

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Water Dance – Breath is Spirit I have learned so much about “breathing” in so many various ways, in the course of water dance with Arjana, breathing became a sacred experience. With Arjana and water dance, I found out that “Breath is Spirit.” Yes, I knew that once I...

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A more clinical, objective and medical description of my experience The lessons learned with Arjana Brunschwiler during my WaterDance 2 training were profound. I was fully able to experience and assimilate the benefits of the dive reflex through improved...

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Dear Arjana, Thank you so much for these very powerful experiences in your WaterDance courses. They start by the most welcoming and beautiful space in the group-room, then the center of the circle with the flowers, candle, stones, feathers, and shells,...

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Dear Arjana, I wanted to share with you that I agree a 100% with your approach in waterwork! These 5 days with you were an incredible time for us, in a very deep way. I think you broke some ice in Poland. And I think we should use it. I mean we should...

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Dear Lady Bird, I am deeply touched by your courage to go step by step on “the frozen land” in Poland... when people finish water classes, they are usually in the flow for some time; But you did so much more for us - your lightness, your way to honor our...

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4 to 9 mars 2023
Shambalah (Belgium)

WATA Integration
31 March to 2 April 2023
Shambalah (Belgien)