Dear Arjana,

Thank you so much for these very powerful experiences in your WaterDance courses. They start by the most welcoming and beautiful space in the group-room, then the center of the circle with the flowers, candle, stones, feathers, and shells, cards of angels and others. Each element with its meaning so esthetically arranged. These symbols actually invited the qualities of the four elements for the whole training (water with the WATA and the emotional growth work, air with the breath meditations, earth with the grounding and nature work, fire with the spiritual aspects). By inviting and including the four elements, your trainings become a holistic experience.

Your approach to the whole group and to each member in such a sharp, yet so warm and accepting way of reflection, allowed me to be present in every feeling or emotion that rose in me and in the group.

In WaterDance 3, I felt mostly inspired and creative. I allowed myself to make mistakes and I realized that being attentive and aligned allow new interesting moves to arise.

I loved the trip to the forest in WATA 1, the connection to earth and its qualities.

But the most powerful experience for me was the opportunity to be confronted with my own behavior towards other participants in the group. I understood that releasing unnecessary habits of communication could totally change the way I am perceived by others. Listening from my heart and talking from my heart is the ultimate way to communicate!

Thank you for bringing this new concept to Israel that water work can also be a “process oriented work” for students as well as for clients.

I thank you with all my heart, beloved Arjana!

Gabriella Levy, 2014, Israel